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Colleges & Universities

Streamline foodservice operations with Nowsta

Creating a nourishing experience for students starts with building and managing an A+ dining services team. Stay ahead of staffing needs and manage seasonal workers with ease.  

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Manage your hourly workforce in one platform

Nowsta helps you manage your entire workforce. Submit work orders to staffing agencies, source on-demand talent, manage scheduling, time and attendance, payroll, and invoicing in one tool.

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Hire qualified seasonal staff

Find the right people for the job. Access the largest pool of vetted, hourly workers and source staff in minutes with our on-demand talent marketplace.

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Centralize your people operations

Managing your internal and temp teams separately is a thing of the past. Get rid of spreadsheets and confusing documents. Place staffing requests, manage schedules, and streamline communication across your entire workforce.

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Improve budgeting & forecasting

Know your total costs ahead of time. Keep track of time and attendance and more across your internal and temp workforce to stay ahead of budgeting and forecasting.

Find talent. Manage workers. Or do both.

Nowsta scales with you. Learn how you can streamline operations, source high-quality talent, and improve decision-making.