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Hotel Industry Trends (Part 4): Clarity for Headcount Management

headcount management

In the fourth blog post in our hotel series, we explore another challenge that often stands in the way of hospitality success: the lack of insight into headcount management. Coordinating staff for each shift and event can be a time-consuming back-and-forth process for most properties. Without clear insights into staff availability and confirmations – both for internal employees and temporary workers – management finds itself mired in countless hours of coordination, striving to maintain the perfect headcount.

The Challenge: Lack of Insight into Headcount Management

Hotels need to coordinate multiple events and shifts daily. To make each event run seamlessly, management must ensure that every role is adequately staffed. However, this seemingly straightforward task becomes a labyrinthine puzzle without proper insights:

  • Manual Coordination: Currently, most properties rely on manual coordination methods, including texts, emails, and phone calls, to confirm staff availability for each shift and event. This manual process is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors and miscommunications.
  • Resource Drain: The hours spent confirming staff availability and managing headcounts represent a significant resource drain for management teams. It diverts their focus away from strategic decision-making and guest service excellence.
  • Lack of Real-Time Updates: In the dynamic world of hospitality, changes are frequent and often last-minute. The absence of real-time updates means that management may not be aware of changes until it’s too late, leading to understaffed shifts or overcommitting staff.

Nowsta Alignment

Nowsta is the only solution that brings clarity to headcount management, transforming a complex challenge into a streamlined process. Let’s explore the ways how.

1. Visibility and Efficiency: With Nowsta’s platform, management gains real-time visibility into confirmed events and fully staffed shifts. This eliminates the need for manual confirmations through texts, emails, and calls. The enhanced efficiency allows management to allocate team members seamlessly, ensuring that all teams are appropriately staffed.

2. Instant Notifications: Staff members are instantly informed of any changes through the Nowsta platform. Whether it’s a shift alteration or a last-minute event addition, the relevant team members receive immediate notifications. This not only streamlines communication but also ensures that everyone is on the same page.

3. Resource Optimization: By automating and streamlining headcount management, Nowsta frees up valuable time and resources for management. They can now focus on strategic decisions, enhancing guest experiences, and fine-tuning operations for maximum efficiency.

With Nowsta, the days of manual coordination and resource drain are behind us, replaced by a streamlined, real-time, and error-free process that benefits both management and staff. 

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Or, if you’re curious how Nowsta can help your hospitality operations, talk to an expert today.