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Hotel Industry Trends (Part 5): The New Age of Flexibility – Redefining Labor Management

labor management

When it comes to hospitality, adapting and innovating is crucial, especially in the face of labor shortages. Hotel management teams are navigating uncharted territory, where flexibility and adaptability are the keys to survival. One of the strategies recommended by McKinsey Consulting to address labor challenges is sharing staff across similar properties or within a brand. While this concept holds immense potential, the reality of scheduling complexities has hindered its widespread adoption.

The Challenge: Lack of Internal Flexibility

Labor shortages have propelled the hospitality industry into a new era, one where management teams must embrace cross-training and rely on staff to seamlessly transition between multiple departments. The concept of sharing staff across properties or within a brand holds immense promise for optimizing resources and maintaining service excellence. However, several challenges stand in the way:

  • Scheduling Complexities: Coordinating staff across departments and properties is a daunting task without the right tools and processes in place. Traditional scheduling methods are often manual, error-prone, and lack the agility required for this new model of flexible labor.
  • Resource Allocation: Efficiently allocating staff members from one department to another demands real-time visibility and easy decision-making. Without the means to see multiple departments at once and rebalance staff accordingly, management teams struggle to implement this model effectively.
  • Geographic Proximity: For Property Management Groups (PMGs) with locations in close geographic proximity, the potential to share staff across multiple properties is tantalizing. However, the lack of technology-driven solutions to support this concept has been a roadblock.

Nowsta Alignment

Here’s how Nowsta aligns with the challenge of internal flexibility:

1. Real-time Visibility: Nowsta empowers hotel management teams to see multiple departments at once. With a glance, they can assess staffing levels across the entire property or brand. This real-time visibility is the cornerstone of effective resource allocation.

2. Seamless Staff Rebalancing: Nowsta’s platform allows for the easy rebalancing of staff from one department to another. With a few clicks, management can allocate team members where they are needed most, optimizing resources and ensuring smooth operations.

3. Geographic Optimization: For PMGs with properties in close proximity, Nowsta opens up a world of possibilities. Sharing staff across multiple locations becomes a reality, reducing the need for external temporary workers and minimizing labor costs.

Reducing Attrition, Maximizing Efficiency

Nowsta’s platform not only simplifies complex scheduling challenges but also empowers properties to build their internal flexible labor teams. By providing the tools and insights necessary for efficient resource allocation, Nowsta is ushering in a new age of flexibility in the hospitality industry. Discover how this technology-driven approach not only reduces employee attrition but also optimizes labor costs, making it a game-changer for hotel management. 

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