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Top Cities Hiring On-Demand Workers Now

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By The Nowsta Team,

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Chances are if you manage on-demand workers or flex workforces – you’re not saying that. Between continuously restocking empty grocery aisles, keeping lines moving for Black Friday shopping deals, and coordinating multiple same-day office holiday parties, the end of the year always brings your busiest periods. 

Managing staff is challenging enough during slow periods. We get it. You can’t hire fast enough. And you’re bombarded left and right with gig apps and agencies promising to send you staff, yesterday. But which apps, agencies, and workers should you choose? How many do you really need? What if there’s a last-minute callout? How do you avoid overstaffing? And paying everybody?

At Nowsta, we believe there’s a better way to source, manage and scale a flexible workforce. The Nowsta platform uses our proprietary data to help predict your ideal staffing levels and select the right on-demand workers for the right job, every time. 

We’ve analyzed our data to show the top cities most attractive for flex workers right now. What does this mean for you? More competition! It’s important to start your holiday hiring early to make sure you have access to the quality and quantity of workers you’ll need to meet your demand.

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Scoring Methodology:

Scores for each category range from 1-10 (10 being the best) on a relative scale comparing cities to one another

  • Job Openings Score: Score based on the current number of open jobs among hospitality and other ‘flex work’ type jobs within each city.
  • Hire Levels Score: Score based on the recent pace of hiring for hospitality and other ‘flex work’ type jobs within each city
  • Unemployment Score:  Score based on unemployment rates within each city. High unemployment correlates with a low score.
  • Employment Score: Score based on the percentage of a city’s entire workforce that is hospitality and other ‘flex work’ type jobs within each city.
  • Wage Score:  Score for average hourly wages for hospitality and other ‘flex work’ type jobs within each city
  • Nowsta Score:  Score based on the hiring and wage growth among Nowsta customers within each city

According to our data, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Denver are cities with high risk for employers not being able to meet their holiday season staffing needs. In these cities, we see high numbers of hospitality employers looking for flex workers relative to the number of flex workers seeking employment for these types of roles. Pay rates and flexible scheduling may be crucial differentiators for companies looking to secure staff. 

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