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Does Partnering With Staffing Agencies Ensure Success in the Hotel Industry?

Staffing Agencies

Seasonality and sharp fluctuations in demand are standard in the hospitality industry. Balancing the workforce to meet increased demand during peak seasons and ensure the maintenance of high service standards is a delicate task for hotel managers. Moreover, managing variations in demand can be especially challenging with a fixed staff. Staffing agencies can help hotels adapt to peak seasons by providing temporary and flexible staffing solutions. In this blog post, we’ll explore the role of staffing agencies in this scenario and how they can help hotels maintain high service standards and guest satisfaction during busy periods.

Understanding Fluctuations in Demand: Staffing Challenges Faced by Hotels During Peak Seasons

Almost all tourist destinations have a high season during which they experience a surge in guest arrivals. These extremely busy times put extra pressure on all the staff, from the reception crew to the kitchen. 

According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, 82% of surveyed hotels said they experienced staffing shortages at the start of summer in 2023. Despite several incentives offered, the majority of hoteliers find it difficult to fill open positions during peak season. 

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Fluctuating demand due to seasonality, local events, or changes in consumer habits presents several challenges for hotels, such as staffing, managing inventory, operational efficiency, and monitoring cash flow and costs. 

Relying on fixed staff means increased overhead costs and reduced revenue. A  flexible staffing model allows managers to meet the demands of busy seasons without hiring extra permanent staff, helping to control costs and maximize revenue during peak seasons.

Benefits of Partnering With Staffing Agencies: The Advantages of Flexible and Temporary Staffing Solutions

The hassle of sourcing, interviewing, and hiring temporary staff can be time-consuming and expensive for hotel HR teams. A staffing agency can provide a quick solution. 

What Is a Hospitality Staffing Agency? 

A hospitality staffing agency is an HR company specializing in providing staffing services to the hospitality industry. Due to the varied nature of the industry, these agencies often have a diverse pool of talent, from receptionists to waiters, bartenders, and chefs. 

These specialized agencies can fill staffing vacancies faster and with more experienced people than general staffing agencies. They have a pool of screened candidates who can match your organization’s needs on short notice. Not only does this save you time in the recruitment process, but it also helps you find the right candidate for the job.

Benefits of Partnering With a Staffing Agency

While hotel HR teams usually handle recruiting permanent employees, adding the responsibility of hiring temporary or seasonal workers can be stressful during high seasons. 

Working with a staffing agency has several advantages: 

  • It provides scalability without a permanent commitment. Hotels can source workers without having to commit to long-term contracts.
  • It helps meet peak demand. Staffing solutions provide hotels with a simple way to fill the surge of extra jobs that come with the season. 
  • It expands the talent pool. A staffing agency can provide new and qualified candidates. Agencies typically have a pool of pre-screened candidates for different tasks. 
  • It saves time and costs. A staffing solution saves hotels’ HR teams from dedicating extra time to source, interview, and hire temporary employees. The agency does everything.  
  • It enhances the customer experience. Hotels with sufficient personnel provide better customer service, as the staff is not overworked or stretched too thin among clients. 
  • It maximizes revenue. Many hotels depend on peak season income to maximize their earnings for the year. For this reason, the right staff can deliver outstanding customer service and take advantage of the season’s potential.

4 Best Practices for Working With Staffing Agencies: Ensuring Smooth Transitions and Seamless Service Delivery

Part of every successful partnership relies on choosing the right partner. Before hiring a staffing agency, here are four things to consider: 

1. Assess Your Temporary Staffing Needs

    In every hotel, demand can fluctuate by area, depending on the stage of the season or the type of guests. For instance, during a period when the hotel expects many families with small children, extra hands would be needed in the recreation and kid’s club areas. The kitchen, housekeeping, and front desk are other areas where the demand for seasonal workers is often higher.

    2. Research Different Agencies 

      Hotels must be diligent and research different agencies’ certifications, reviews, and credentials. Ask the agency what type of staff they offer to determine whether it meets your hotel’s needs. Don’t forget to check the agency’s reputation and their experience with hotels in your category.

      3. Define Your Expectations of the Service

        Defining clear expectations is the first step in a successful partnership. Ensure the HR team tells the agency exactly how many staff members you require and in which areas. It’s critical to include a detailed description of the jobs, including the working hours, roles, and responsibilities. This will help the agency make a profile of the hotel’s needs and find the right candidates.  

        4. Ensure Effective Communication 

          As hotel needs are dynamic, it’s important to build strong communication practices with your agency. Open communication will help address sudden changes in staff demands. Provide feedback about workers and address any issues that may arise.

          Technology: An In-House Alternative 

          Staffing management software gives hotels the same benefits as hiring a staffing agency while keeping the hiring process at home. A software solution places a pre-screened pool of workers at your fingertips, making hiring temporary workers a fast and simple process. 

          Staffing software also streamlines the hiring process, automating paperwork and recruiting procedures. However, most staffing software solutions work exclusively for permanent or temporary staffing needs. 

          Nowsta is the only staff sourcing and management solution that works both for temporary and permanent staff.

          How Nowsta Makes Staffing in Peak Season a Breeze 

          Nowsta is an all-in-one platform to source, hire, and manage both permanent and temporary workers. The solution is geared toward industries that regularly hire flex and temporary staff, helping them hire and manage contingent workers without disrupting their permanent staffing management. 

          Nowsta streamlines HR processes for all kinds of staff, from sourcing to payroll management. Its key features include staffing automation, a talent marketplace, intelligent time tracking, and centralized reporting and invoicing. Hiring and managing your temporary staff is easy with Nowsta. Schedule a demo and see how we can help.