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Bridging the Gap Between Hiring Gig Workers & Managing Them Effectively

Worker Scheduling

Let’s be clear: having a solid workforce management strategy when hiring gig workers is crucial for companies aiming to stay competitive. Effective workforce management not only involves ensuring that the right people are in the right place at the right time but also managing costs and optimizing productivity. This balance is rarely easy and has seen many companies unnecessarily inflate their budgets. 

To bridge the gap between workforce management and hiring gig workers, we identified 9 strategies businesses can adopt to improve their approach.  

1. Embrace the Power of Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies play a pivotal role in connecting companies with qualified gig workers who can be swiftly deployed to meet short-term or seasonal needs. Partnering with a reputable staffing agency offers numerous advantages, including access to a diverse talent pool, expedited hiring processes, and minimized costs and risks associated with permanent employee onboarding. In fact, according to Technology Partners, 90% of companies use or have used staffing agencies to fill temporary positions.

2. Cultivate a Flexible Workforce

Creating a flexible workforce is another practical approach to bridging the gap between workforce management and hiring gig workers. By offering employees various work arrangements such as part-time, flextime, and telecommuting options, companies can better meet their staffing needs without relying solely on gig workers. The Aberdeen Group found that companies with flexible workforces are 25% more likely to achieve their revenue goals. Flexibility empowers businesses to align staffing levels with workload fluctuations, enhancing productivity and reducing costs.

3. Leverage Technology for Efficient Workforce Management

Adopting technology solutions is crucial for streamlining workforce management processes and ensuring the seamless integration of gig workers. Workforce management software, such as Nowsta, provides features explicitly designed to manage gig workers, including shift scheduling, automated onboarding, and real-time communication. By leveraging such tools, companies can further optimize scheduling, time tracking, and communication processes. A study by Forrester revealed that organizations utilizing workforce management software can save up to 10% on labor costs by identifying areas for efficiency improvement, such as scheduling, timekeeping, and employee turnover.

Additional Considerations for Bridging the Gap

To further enhance the integration of gig workers into the workforce management ecosystem, consider the following tips:

4. Be Clear About Your Needs

Before seeking gig workers, clearly define the required skills, experience, and availability in terms of hours and days.

5. Conduct Research

Explore various staffing agencies and temp-to-perm programs, comparing their reputation and ability to meet your specific worker requirements.

6. Set Clear Expectations

Communicate expectations to gig workers regarding work ethic, attendance, and productivity to ensure everyone is on the same page.

7. Provide Training

If necessary, offer training to gig workers on your company’s policies and procedures to enhance their productivity and job satisfaction.

8. Provide Feedback

Regularly provide feedback to gig workers on their performance, allowing them to improve and meet your expectations.

9. Show Appreciation

Acknowledge the hard work of gig workers and express your gratitude. Building a positive work environment and showing appreciation increases morale and encourages them to consider future opportunities with your company.

By implementing these strategies and adhering to the additional tips, companies can bridge the gap between workforce management and hiring gig workers, resulting in optimal workforce utilization and operational success. Remember, having the right people in the right place at the right time is a significant driver of business growth and competitiveness in today’s dynamic economy.

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