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11 Ways To Increase Employee Engagement Among Shift Workers

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By The Nowsta Team,

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According to Gallup, only 34% of employees are engaged, which is a reduction from 39% in 2021. So what can you do to better to improve employee engagement? Here are 11 tips to not only keep workers happy but increase overall retainment rates and improve engagement.

1. Use Employee Insight Surveys

Surveys are a very useful tool to evaluate what truly matters to your employees. Designed to measure and assess how motivated your employees are, these surveys provide a deeper look into their thoughts and attitudes so you can improve the work environment and enable them to perform their best. 

2. Create a Company Culture Tied to Your Values and Mission

Company culture is powerful. With a strong corporate culture, shift employees clearly understand what’s expected of them and will likely feel more passionate about your company’s mission. 

3. Make Inclusivity a Priority

Research shows that diversity and inclusion go hand in hand with highly engaged workforces. Shift workers appreciate when employees have equal opportunities, whether they are a full salaried employee or not. In fact, 86% of job seekers consider inclusion and diversity to be an important factor. 

4. Treat Shift Workers With Respect

A survey conducted by Harvard Business Review revealed that companies are able to garner better commitment and engagement from employees when they demonstrate respect. When shift workers are treated with the same level of respect as other employees, they have a deeper commitment to the company. 

5. Facilitate Social Activities

You’re most likely familiar with the expression “play together, stay together.” It often refers to families, but if you’re interested in mobilizing your shift workers so they can reach their full potential, it’s time to put this philosophy to work at the office too. Creating social activities lightens the mood at the office and fosters better levels of engagement because employees feel more connected to the people around them. 

6. Offer Growth Opportunities

Salaried employees and shift workers alike benefit from professional development. Many employees feel the need to continuously develop their role and seek advancement. If your company can’t provide that, people may simply look elsewhere for a company that can.

7. Prioritize Transparent Communication

Employees who work shift schedules often feel left out of essential processes, work events, and planning. It’s paramount to make sure you keep them updated and communicate with them so they feel valued, connected, and involved in the company. Clear communication is also a good way to build trust. 

8. Have an Open-Door Policy 

t’s no big surprise that having an open-door policy creates a conducive environment for open communication. Create camaraderie and a safe space for shift workers that allows them to be more forthcoming about work-related challenges or any concerns they face.

9. Show your Shift Workers Appreciation

Communicating true appreciation shows your shift workers that you value their contributions. It’s important to celebrate small victories. To keep your shift workers motivated, highlight their milestones—big or small. Here are some more ideas on how to show your appreciation to keep employees happy. 

10. Demonstrate Workplace Flexibility

Shift workers expect increased flexibility in many aspects of their work lives and will look for other job opportunities, if necessary, to get it. Hourly employees who can adopt a flexible mindset tend to have lower stress levels and better overall health. In turn, it motivates them to learn new skills, ultimately helping them to advance their career path while supporting your company’s success. While flexibility in the workplace can take on different forms, some of the most valued ones include offering PTO, remote work options, and allowing employees to choose which shifts work best for them. 

11. Provide Initiatives That Support Well-Being

Implementing programs to help shift workers achieve wellness goals will allow employee engagement to soar. Nowadays, employees want more than just a paycheck. When employees have access to health programs, they are likely to become less stressed and enjoy what they are doing. 

How Nowsta Can Help:

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