Customer story

The Nowsta Labor Market

By leveraging our powerful platform and our top-tier staffing partners, Nowsta has developed a robust network to fill your orders directly through our system.

Consolidate all staffing, communication, and invoicing so that your stress levels reduce to zero.

Increase in third-party
employee retention
reduction in
unplanned overtime
fewer overhead hours
spent on scheduling staff per week

It’s Time for Innovation in the Staffing Industry

Manual time & attendance, lack of transparency, managing multiple companies, and challenges finding quality staff have been staples of the past.  Nowsta is here to change that.  Through our platform, you can now order staff and see them appear right in your schedule for easy access to real-time data.  We provide:

Access to Top-Tier Hospitality Staff on Demand

  • Pre-vetted agencies with proven track records in hospitality

Consolidated Vendor Management

  • Streamlined communications with existing and new staffing agencies

Transparent Pricing

  • Standardized rates across positions and agencies

Instant Pay for Associates

  • Staff members get paid at the end of their shift, helping to increase retention and reduce turnover

Track and Review Associates

  • Immediately review and log associate performance to maintain high-quality service
Customer story
Nowsta Labor Market

How Does It Work?

Identify Staffing Needs:
We will work to understand your staffing needs. We can work with your current providers and also open our vast network of hundreds of vetted professional staff from dedicated Nowsta partners.

Communicate Changes:
Our system channels all communication to the staffing companies; however, we will also have a dedicated Nowsta Labor Market representative to assist with the process. Our platform is robust, but we know that dedicated customer service is imperative to ensure that you always have support for your operation.

Track and Approve Agency Hours:
Agency staff use Nowsta’s Time Clock, which makes approval of hours a breeze. Simply approve agency hours in Nowsta!

Invoice and Pay:
We consolidate all staffing into one, easy-to-read invoice. This process makes life very easy for your accounting team.

Nowsta Labor Market

Labor Market Features

Staff Management

  • Continue to work with your preferred agencies or utilize our network. We streamline communication, time tracking and approvals, and invoicing all through one platform (Nowsta).

Transparent Pricing

  • Nowsta leverages our platform, data, and buying power with agencies to ensure our customers are getting the best price for staff.

Network of Pre-Qualified, Professional Hospitality Staff

  • Eliminate the time it takes to source and vet a new staffing company. Nowsta works with a select number of highly qualified, pre-vetted agencies to help fill demand across over 200,000 shifts/month.

All-in-One Time & Attendance

  • No more spreadsheets, email threads, phone tag, and back and forth communication. Everything is handled through Nowsta’s platform.

Centralized Communications

  • Our Nowsta Account Rep will engage the staffing partners, handle HR & Accounting concerns, and provide training.

Centralized Invoicing and Real-Time Budget Reporting

  • Time & Attendance live in Nowsta, allowing us to consolidate all vendors into one invoice. Easily reconcile invoices with reports directly through the system.